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We are located in Pullman and can represent you on felonies,
dui, traffic tickets, and clearing criminal records.
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Defending Your Future - We understand that being accused of a crime or infraction threatens your future goals and plans. Our office is experienced in finding ways to avoid future issues with insurance, school, immigration, job searches and more. Visit us at our office located in downtown Pullman at 207 East Main St., or we can assist and arrange representation over the phone: (509) 334-4808


Criminal History
Our office works to reduce
or eliminate the impact of criminal charges on
your record. 

Driving Priveledges
Attorney Steve Martonick
has dedicated his career to protecting his clients'
driving privledges.

Work and School
We assist you so you miss little to no school or work because of criminal charges.

Family and Friends
If the client agrees, we can work with friends or family to
arrange services and explain the client's situation. Otherwise we remain strictly confidential.

Individualized Service
Every case is different, so it is important we talk to you on the phone or in person. If we cannot help or your matter does not require an attorney, we will find someone who can help or instruct you how to proceed. There is no charge to ask us for help, because we care about protecting your individual rights and your future.

Criminal Charges and Infractions
Our office can defend you on any criminal charge or infraction. We have outlined some
of the most common cases we see:

If you have been charged with DUI, our office is commited to protecting your driving priveledges and keeping insurance costs down. Being charged with DUI is a time sensitive issue because of Court dates and the Department of Licensing. Please contact our office as soon as possible.
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Infractions and Traffic Offenses
If you recieved an infraction in Whitman County, hiring Martonick Law for representation can keep you out of the Court room. If for any reason you cannot come into our office, we can arrange representation over the phone. Attorney Steve Martonick will also work to keep your infraction from affecting your driving record. Call or visit us today to learn more about infraction represtation. Contact Information

Minor in Possession of Alcohol
MIPs and MICs are the most common criminal charges faced by WSU students. At Martonick Law we aim to help graduate without a criminal conviction. If you have been charged with MIP or MIC, call our office today. Contact Information

A felony can have serious consequences to your future. Attorney Steve Martonick has defended more than 1,000 clients in ten years charged with felonies. He has the experience and insight to defend you. If you are or may be charged with a felony, we invite you to visit or call our office today. Contact Information

Clearing Records
Clearing a record has helped our clients with employment. If you have a misdemeanor on your record, you can have it vacated if you meet certain criteria. Generally, you are eligible to vacate your records if you meet the following criteria: (1) You have had no further criminal charges since the conviction (2) you have never had your record vacated previously (3) it has been three years since the date of the conviction (if it is a domestic violence conviction, a waiting period of five years is necessary). There are some convictions that can not be vacated including: DUI, sex offenses, and violent offenses.
If you have been convicted for a felony, all of the previous criteria apply plus some further criteria. In general for a class C felony, you must not have committed any crimes in the past five years since the conviction. And generally for a class B felony, you must not have committed any crimes in the past 10 years since the conviction. Violent offenses and all class A felonies cannot be vacated.

If you are looking to clear a record, we invite you to visit or call our office today. Contact Information