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We are located in Pullman and can represent you on felonies,
dui, traffic tickets, and clearing criminal records.
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DUI Representation
in the Pullman and Colfax Area

If you have been charged with DUI, our office is commited to protecting your driving priveledges and insurance costs. Being charged with DUI is a time sensative issue because of Court dates
and the Department of Licensing.
Please contact our office as soon as possible.

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Phone: 509-334-4808

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When you retain Martonick Law Office to represent you on your DUI we are there with you each step of the way to protect your rights and your future. When you first contact us, by phone or in person, we outline the process for you and answer any general questions you might have. Usually more specific answers have to wait until we have had a chance to review the police report and all the evidence. Once you decide to retain us we ask that you sign a fee agreement, which explains in writing our obligations to you.

For your convenience, our fees may be paid by credit card. As part of our standard fee agreement, we handle the filing of the appeal with the Department of Licensing and pay the filing fee for you. (This must be done within twenty days of your arrest so it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible.) We also file a not guilty plea and notice of appearance with the court and the prosecutor. This means that, once you have made your first appearance in court after arrest, you don't have to be in court again until you hear from us.

We will work with your schedule in arranging court dates. Generally, not more than two court appearances are required in the average case. The notice of appearance also tells the prosecutor that he is dealing with us and not you. Along with filing the not guilty plea and notice of appearance, we file a discovery request with the prosecutor. This tells the prosecutor that we want all the information, e.g. police report, car video, etc., in their possession having to do with your case. Once we receive that information we contact you to set up a time to meet and discuss the details of your case, e.g. is the police report accurate, did the officer leave out important facts, what issues you might have that can help your case, possible kinds of resolutions, plea bargains and so on. If you received your DUI while visiting from out of town this meeting can take place over the phone if you prefer.

If at any time you want to know what is going on with your case, just give us a call. If your attorney is in court when you call, our helpful staff can generally answer your questions or leave a message for your attorney. Your attorney will usually return your call the same day. When it finally comes time for court we are there with you protecting your rights and your future.