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DUI Knowledge Quiz
Test your knowledge of DUI law in Washington.
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1. Which of the following tests are you required to take if requested by a police officer in the
State of Washington?


2. If your breath test results come back as a BAC of .084 and .078 are you above or
below the per se limit?

3. If your BAC breath test result is .05 and your are over 21 can you still be convicted of DUI?

4. Which of the below facts cannot be considered by an officer in determining whether to
arrest you for DUI?

5. If your BAC is over .15 and it is your first offense, which of the below additional
penalties does not have to be imposed upon conviction?

6. What is the minimal jail sentence upon your second conviction for DUI in the State of
Washington within 7 years with a BAC under .15?

7. Can an Idaho DUI conviction count as a prior for sentence enhancements?

8. Can the Department of Licensing suspend your Washington license for a
DUI conviction in another State?

9. If you are tried and acquitted of DUI can you still lose your license?

10. If you are arrested for DUI and refuse the breath test, can the police get a sample
of your blood to test?